NOSH neighborhood guide:Oakland’s KoNo district
Nosh Weekly:  June 23, 2015 12:17 pm by Kate Williams

"We know that there’s more to East Bay dining than Temescal, Rockridge and the Gourmet Ghetto. NOSH’s neighborhood guides explore the best of the rest. This month, we explore Oakland’s Koreatown-Northgate neighborhood, also known as KoNo." 
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Utility Box Art Project
See interviews with the artists and work in progress, in this video produced by Laney College Digital Media Club. Go on a self-guided tour of the Art Boxes with our neighborhood map. A big thanks to all the artists: Fulani Carter, Eddie Colla, Jack Eastgate, Stevan Guiterrez, Lisa Hoffman, Dave Young Kim & Stephanie Leung, Joanne Ludwig, Pancho Peskador, David Polka, Lynne-Rachel Altman, Momoko Sudo, Ashia Tymous, and Desi Wome. In 2017 KONO has invited some of the artists back to refresh the art.
Our Merchants
Koreatown Northgate includes an important Korean-American commercial center, a creative arts community, Alta Bates-Summit Medical Center and other healthcare services, new residential projects including the Telegraph (old Sears) Lofts and a growing variety of multi-ethnic restaurants, shops and services that are working to revitalize the neighborhood.
Art Murmur & First Fridays
This uniquely Oakland event draws 20,000 people to the area. Be sure to check it out.

First Friday Economic Report

Taking KONO to the Next Level of Cleanliness and Care!
Adopt a Spot near your home, business or property and make things more beautiful by  regularly:
• picking up trash
• scraping stickers
• weeding the tree plots
• removing graffiti

• sweeping up the cigarette butts
We will give you a flyer with your name or your business name on it proclaiming your participation in the AdoptaSpot Program. You can post it in your window to show off your pride in taking care of the neighborhood. KONO would like to offer a HUGE thank you to Phat Matz BBQ for stepping up and Adopting their Spot at 3415 Telegraph Ave. 

Call or email Shari Godinez  to register and get your supplies today! (510) 343-5439

KONO is the neighborhood that defines the new Oakland.
This up and coming community has become the hub of arts and culture in the Bay Area, featuring the Oakland First Fridays Festival and Art Murmur Gallery Walk, which draws over twenty thousand attendees each month. Oakland has the second highest per capita of artists in the country and KONO is their home base. Along and with the arts, KONO features Oakland’s most popular craft beer gardens and pubs. Visit KONO to see what all the Oakland hype is about.
New Trees
In addition to the 83 trees KONO planted in 2013, the Sierra Club planted 12 new Brandywine maple trees on 25th Street on Saturday, making an immediate difference in the look and feel of the block. They intend to plant more trees along the south side of the block in the fall. They also planted 4 new trees on 29th St. These trees were paid for by a grant from CAL FIRE. KONO was able to connect Sierra Club with volunteers from Embrace Church to help with the planting. 
Mosaics on Trash Cans
KONO received a grant from the Flieshhacker Foundation to place mosaic art on the litter containers in the district. Mosaics on the trasch cans are a great way to beautify the district and the project has been a success in local areas such as Temescal, Montclair, and Old Oakland. Artist, Juan Lopez, has completed 5 litter containers. This local artist has been working with tile for 25 years and is invested in community transformation especially with his work on trashcans. He often creates the mosaics with a nature scene and wildlife which is refreshing in a concrete, urban environment and symbolizes an evolving neighborhood. As he says, “I’m turning a trashcan, which is normally an eyesore into something beautiful for everyone…I’m transforming trash into treasure.” Beautifying the trashcans elevates the artistic presence of the neighborhood and fosters pride in the district. They are representative of KONO’s renaissance and emergence of the arts, culture and environmental consciousness. KONO would like to continue adding mosaic art to the remaining 12 litter containers and is seeking other funding. Contact us if you would like to sponsor a mosaic art can 510-343-5439
Art Box @ Telegraph and W.Grand Ave Oakland by Joann Ludwig
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 KONO 2017 Management District Plan and
Engineers Report